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Custom Jewelry by Jain The Jeweler

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 Custom Jewelry

Have a design idea in mind but don't see it on our website? Or would you like Jain The Jeweler to design you your very own custom piece? 

We specialize in custom jewelry projects that range from:

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings | Wedding Bands | Promise Rings
Handmade Gold Chains and Bracelets
Tahitian Pearls | Colored Diamonds | Various Colored Stones
Diamond Watches | Diamond Pendants | Diamond Chains | Diamond Earrings | Diamond Bracelets
and more..

Did you have jewelry in the past that you lost or misplaced? We can re-produce most items for you. We ask that you describe the piece as to the best of your knowledge. We will show you pictures and designs which we feel are similar or the same to what you had in the past. It is even better if you can provide a picture of your old jewelry, that way we can make an exact reproduction.

Please contact us toll free: (800) 509-JAIN | (800) 509-5246 or email
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