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Coca Vango's 3D Two Tone "Coca" Diamond Pendant

Posted by Jain The Jeweler on

Coca Vango hit me up to re-do his piece which was made by a local jeweler in Atlanta. The original piece was not what he envisioned when he ordered it, so he commissioned me to bring his idea to life.

The new design incorporated his "Coca" logo with a new age twist. First I rendered the design in 2D for him to see digitally what it would look like. Once he approved it I began to work on the 3D file. The goal was to make it a classy size but still have it be super iced out. We scrapped the old piece, and used all new materials for the new one because the design called for all different size diamonds.

I was still transitioning from NY to ATL at the time so the piece started off being made in my NYC office. Once the diamond setting was done, I flew to Atlanta to put the final touches on it in my new workshop. Coca was super excited to get his new pendant so I personally delivered it to him at his home.

This pendant was my first time doing a two tone, two level 3D piece. Although it took me a bit longer than expected, Coca and I both were very pleased at the final product. The total diamond weight came to over 7.5 carats, and the gold weight came out to 40+ grams. Very solid, classy and iced out piece which stands out from the rest. It's safe to say that he won't be going back to his old jeweler again!!

"Once you get a chain from Jain, things won't ever be the same."

Stay tuned to see what I am making for @CocaVango next!

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