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Rolex Deepblue Submariner 16610 DLC-PVD

Rolex Deepblue Submariner 16610 DLC-PVD

Style #: 16610bdlc
1000 Meters /3300 Feet
Certificate :
Certificate of Authenticity
Bracelet :
31 Jewel Automatic Movement
PVD Stainless Steel
Bezel :
Scratch Resistant Sapphire
Deepblue Black
5 Year Warranty

Over the years, the Rolex Submariner, first produced for professional divers in 1953, has been worn by both the U.S. and British Navy and watch-loving civilians who recognize it for what it is: an exceptional timepiece. The Rolex Deepblue Submariner 16610 embraces the aesthetics of the ocean with its stunning deep blue and black color scheme. The custom dial fades gently from blue to black, giving the sense of traveling deep into the ocean. The dial also features Rolex’s emblematic geometric hour markers that keep the design minimal, and they are easy to read at a glance.

The legibility of the Rolex Deepblue Submariner 16610 is enhanced by the use of Chromalight on the hands and hour markers, a photoluminescent material that glows blue in low light and lasts up to eight hours, twice as long as luminescent materials used on other watches. 

Chromalight is also used on the zero marker of the Rolex Submariner’s rotatable bezel. The bezel has 60-minute graduations that can be used to precisely monitor periods of time, such as dive times, and the luminescent zero marker makes this feature usable in even the darkest conditions. The knurled bezel edge allows you to rotate the bezel easily while underwater or wearing gloves.

Like any Rolex watch, the Deepblue Submariner 16610 marries beauty with functionality. Features such as water resistance up to an impressive 3,300 feet and the 31 Jewel Automatic Movement are matched by the sleek design, which is topped off by the elegant choice of black oyster bracelet. The monotone bracelet, case, and bezel make the dial’s striking blue color pop.