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Rolex Men's Datejust Two Tone Fluted Custom Blue Diamond Dial

Rolex Men's Datejust Two Tone Fluted Custom Blue Diamond Dial

Style #: p16013ldj
Mint Condition Like New
5 Year Warranty
Custom Blue Diamond
Stainless Steel
18k Gold
Stainless Steel and 18k Gold
Certificate of Authenticity
36 mm
Box, Manual and Rolex Chronometer Tag

Rolex watches are luxury timepieces that are equally recognizable for their high-quality construction, precision, and beauty. When you invest in a Rolex watch, you are investing in your future aspirations. The Rolex Datejust II 41mm P1603LDJ men’s watch is one of Rolex’s most popular models with a larger face. In 1945, the Datejust series combined two of Rolex’s most famous innovations—perpetual movement and the oyster case. Perpetual movement is the trademarked automatic action of a Rolex Datejust men’s watch, attributed to the perpetual rotor used in these watches. Any Rolex watch that has perpetual on the dial is an automatic winding watch. 

Since 1926, the oyster case makes the Rolex watch even more water-resistant, with a screw-down fluted case-back and a screw-down winding crown. Beyond these two novel revolutions, Rolex also introduced the Datejust feature with instantaneous date mechanism and rapid setting and a cyclops bubble over the date for better visibility. The instantaneous date mechanism in the Rolex Datejust men’s watch allows the timepiece to switch the date over immediately when at midnight, instead of turning over slowly like other watches. The Rolex watch’s Rapid setting feature means you can set the date independently from the time. Invest in your future with a luxury Rolex Datejust II 41mm P16013LDJ men’s watch, which uses the highest quality component for superior form and function.